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Various Artists - Perceptions

Various Artists - Perceptions
LabelEscape Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Mad Maxx - Unplugged
02 Xerox vs Magnetica - Magnetic Force
03 Bionix - Fighting Shadows
04 Aquila (2) - Biotech
05 E-jekt vs Inner Action - All The Ways
06 Magnetica - Searching
07 Ultravoice vs Azax Syndrom - Ultrazax
08 X.S.I - Customers
09 Z-Machine - Nexus
10 Life Extension - Real Life

ESCAPE Records is new label french created during the Spring 2008 by ADN (Dj / Manager) and Chai (Dj / Collaborator). The policy of this new music label is akin to the styles trances at all genres, while keeping its own identity after the french electronic culture.

This V / A consists of present well-known psy trance projects that appear on a lot of compilations, DJ sets and live acts world wide, mainly Xerox, Ultravoice, E jekt, Inner Action, Z Machine, XSI, Life Extension..

Apart from that, the V / A features some new but already well-known projects, Mad Maxx, Bionix, Aquila, Magnetica, that have all very quickly became known for a lot of killer tracks and live-acts.

"Perceptions" CD includes 10 pearl jams, carefully selected by DJ ADN & DJ CHAI, all oriented perfectly to the dance floor, where they have been tested out successfully..

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