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Various Artists - Perkuneya

Various Artists - Perkuneya
LabelArkona Creation Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Various Artists - Perkuneya


01 Wirrareka - Flower Colour
02 Controled Folly - Cosmos 23
03 Bassid - Taste It
04 B.B.P. - Tide
05 Bassid - Wonder
06 Twinsect - For Outdoor Use Only
07 Luminexia - Spiritual
08 Portal Protection - The Grasshoppers Pot
09 Pradox - Noiseless Dance
10 Portal Protection - Fractalius

It's not a secret for anyone that our Mother Planet is full of gifted talents!

Due to cultural distinctions variant perception and rhythm of life the creativity of people differ in different parts of the world.

Since ancient times, people have learnt a magic power of healing by means of herbs. But not everybody knows that sound can heal too. Treat soul!

In our first compilation people from different parts of a planet express their life visions through the prism of sound. You will be carried away by psychedelic, deep-minded, funky, progressive trance tunes filled with magic force of unity of human being.

Various Artists - Perkuneya: Front