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Various Artists - Ping Pong

Various Artists - Ping Pong
LabelShivlink Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Chemical Trolls - Ping Pong


01 Crying Freemen vs Galaktik Wave - Listen Up
02 Kamasutrance vs Skylord - Come With Me
03 Spectrum vs Z-Machine - Designer Hippies
04 Cortex vs Chemical Trolls - Trapped In Bass
05 Tactical Strike vs Bishop - Who Do You Are
06 Fft vs Frenessy - C2,Oh2,5n30
07 Enertopia vs Zion vs Loki - Rats On Run
08 Twisted Reaction vs Acid Drop - Pure Intellect
09 ITP vs Nitro - Ping Pong

'Ping Pong', fast, bouncy and calls for quick reactions.

'Ping Pong' compiled by Dj Nick reminiscences the sport, as it comprises 18 full on artists who play their tracks vs. each other this time round.

Unlike the previously released compilations by Shivlink Records, this one consists of placid melodies, which tend to sooth the very consciousness around the being.

The tracks form a path that leads to a realm analogous to the nonplussed empyrean, a static heaven, the only one of its kind.

Various Artists - Ping Pong: Front