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Various Artists - Polymorphic Convolutions

Various Artists - Polymorphic Convolutions
LabelElectronic Soundscapes
Typecompilation, CD


01 Adham Shaikh - Ohm
02 Solar Quest - Tolker's Dream
03 Zen Lemonade - Lotus Eaters
04 Patchwork - Samothraki
05 Adham Shaikh - Somptin Hapnin
06 L.O.G.M - Adham Shaikh Remix
07 Grey Area - Time Is The Fire
08 Ishq - Anhk (Samothraki Remix)

Electronic Soundscapes represents the "open-air" approach that was first established on Samothraki Island and plans to extend this vision, by representing an "open-air" sound and by releasing global psychedelically undefined chill music of the finest quality.

Compiled by DJ Arash Atman, Polymorphic Convolutions is the first compilation to be released by Athens based downtempo freestyle label. Featuring a selection of exclusive and previously unreleased tracks from some of the world's most innovative chill-out producers, Polymorphic Convolutions transports the listener to the shady beachstage at Samothraki the ultimate chill destination, where many of these artists performed live.

Electronic Soundscapes, aims to release only music of the highest standards from acknowledged global artists but also from underground and fresh acts, merging this way the gap for quality music that exists in modern discography, as well as old with new, therefore creating a new subgenre which lies between uptempo atmospheric chill and ambient downtempo dance tunes.

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