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Various Artists - Prakriti Engine

Various Artists - Prakriti Engine
LabelQuantum Frog Productions
Typecompilation, CD


01 Secret Society - Gloden Apple Corps
02 Polyphonia - To Eq Or Not To Eq
03 Haunted Castle - Reversed Tale
04 Sonik Scizzor - Lost On The Trip (Remix)
05 Squee - F15's Over Portland
06 Munk E - Kali Maa
07 Furious - Urban Junkie
08 Freaks Of Nature - Broken Brain
09 Quantize Mechanics - Freaky Secret
10 Ghreg on Earth - Avalanche Bitstream

Quantum Frog presents intricate, intelligent and chaotic psychedelic trance in its purest forms. This is a collection of 10 thundering interpretations of the fusion between nature and technology.

'Prakriti' is the matrix of the universe, the material cause of all manifest matter and energy. Also interpreted as Nature, the music on this compilation captures the essence of a biomechanical environment. The compilation features artists from USA, India, Hungary, Greece and Russia, and they have weaved together intricate sound patterns that play on the most subtle levels of the human mind.

The journey is an orchestra of fungal and mechanical psychedelia, beginning with groovy alien atmospheres with a tinch of sonic strangeness.
As it progresses, the sounds evolve into more intense and aggressive forms, and the atmospheres tighten up to ensure smooth travel at high speeds.
As you are accelerated through sonic dimensions, the music becomes more complex and aggressive, forming a massive vortex of chaotic rhythm.
The natural environment fuses with technology, shattering all boundaries and setting into motion a colossal quantum reaction. At this point of maximum intensity nature explodes into vibrant dancing dimensions, engulfing all in a sea of harmony.

Thus the Prakriti Engine, a circus of nature in its evolved form that shatters the dream that is duality.
The Engine is symbolic for the destruction of maya or illusion, breaking it down to primordial form.
Feel the Might, with each step feel the thundering behemoth power and channel this immense energy through your human form. Prepare for Chaos. Welcome to the Future.

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