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Various Artists - Prime Cuts

Various Artists - Prime Cuts
LabelChemical Crew
Typecompilation, CD


01 Future Prophecy - Ronny (No Vocal Remix)
02 Alternative Control vs Freaked Frequency - Serbiana
03 Astral Projection - Astral Projection
04 Krome Angels & GMS - This Is A Test
05 Mad Max & Audio Hijack - Mental Atmosphere
06 40% - Mansion Of Thoughts
07 Delirious - Usbeat
08 Slider - Twisted Sky
09 40% - Swift Rocky Chill (Remix)

The highly anticipated compilation 'Prime cuts' by 40% has arrived!

Be sure to put your hands and ears on a copy on one of the finest compilation releases this year. 'Prime Cuts' features a diverse collection of music that is part of the trance scene today with storming bass lines and enchanting melodies, throw out fantastic grooves and full of power. Included are the greatest pioneers and scientists of the music world such as Future Prophecy, Alternative Control, Freaked Frequency, Astral Projection, Freak Show, Mad Max, Krome Angels, GMS, 40%, Delirious, Slider and Rocky. Each track has been carefully selected and compiled by Omi (40%) into a wonderful flow of music and joy that will bring you to new heights.

This compilation takes you on a journey through the party universe as you travel in a spaceship of the mind along side the star and galaxies of creation and magic.

Various Artists - Prime Cuts: Front