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Various Artists - Private Lesson

Various Artists - Private Lesson
LabelDrive Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Sub 6 - Pounding (Loud Remix)
02 Panick - Incsoc (Live Edit)
03 Cosma & Omc - Keep Your Mind (Omc Remix 2007)
04 Psysex - Dominatrix (Loud vs Goblin Remix 2007)
05 Loud - Tiny Noize Point
06 Black and White - Yoki
07 Insomnia - Internal Voice
08 Elegant Pimp - Music
09 Unoccupied - Basic Conversation

01 Loud - The Edge 136 Bpm (Vocals By Omri Klein)
02 Loud - Next
03 Loud - Beautiful Day (Dub Remix)

Drive Records is pounding strong!!!, after two consecutive successful artist albums, Loud Some Kind Of Creativity CD & D-Clock double CD release, comes V/A PRIVATE LESSON CD, tightly & efficiently compiled by LOUD.This brainstorming release is enhanced by LOUD "The Edge" Maxi CD, including 3 bonus tracks previously unreleased, a delightful up2date taste of LOUD for 2007.

Known for their high standards and unique fresh taste in sound, the task LOUD have taken upon themselves was a hard one indeed, driving them higher and further, seeking fresh new innovative music.The task was successfully achieved in the form of 9 rockets set out into the sky, bursting with rich colorful fireworksPrivate Lesson opens with LOUD's remix to the well known track "Pounding" by SUB6.

Panick follows with a fresh Live edit to his delicious InCsoC track. OMC delivers a chilling remix to "Keep your Mind", originally produced by legendary artist Cosma (R.I.P) & OMC. Dominatrix, the classic track from Psysex receives a fresh new outfit in the form of a remix by LOUD & Goblin.

A true futuristic output to this sacred Epic Goa dripping melodies Private Lesson is with out doubt another innovative highly invested CD release, aimed on effecting music lovers worldwide for years to comeIgnite your motor and get ready for an entertainment of a lifetime.

LOUD is featured next with a groovy, dark, twisted track, enhanced by uplifting vocals which bounces ones direction, rhythm & feel all the way through. A True Gem!!!Black & White's Yoki is a massive track, pounding strong from beginning till end BEAM ME UP SCOTTY>>> Insomnia, the new promise from the holy land, have already been featured on a handful of solid compilation releases around the world, deliver here another Insomnia marked track, instantly grabbing ones attention, placed perfectly on this one of a kind compilation.

Closing this true musical expedition, bringing in another twist to the story, Elegant Pimp, with their fine juicy progressive trance/house contribution. Last and far from being least, Unoccupied closing it shut with a dreamy electrosophical outlook on things ;-). Nothing comes closer to perfection!!!

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