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Various Artists - Progressive Goa Trance 3

Various Artists - Progressive Goa Trance 3
LabelYellow Sunshine Explosion Recordings
Typecompilation, CD


01 Aero Link - Pleasured Addicted
02 Dj Tomtron & Timm Liesegang - Neotum
03 Vaishiyas - Mask Tamburine
04 Jaia - From Tokyo
05 SBK - Borderline
06 Auricular - Only Time
07 Freq vs Emok - Spot My Burger
08 Paste - Down On The Streets
09 Ace Ventura & Intelabeam - Nasty Peach

01 Transmotion - Ultraviolet
02 Gaudium - Nordic Nature
03 Yotopia - Secrets
04 Ski-Fi - Manlazer
05 Sub 6 - The 7th Son (Fitalic Remix)
06 Peter Gun - Fast Food
07 Antix - The Inkling
08 Elastic - Shining
09 Frogacult - Bye She Said

Transmotion - Ultraviolet

What were they hiding from?
Bad people for one. People who wanted
to imprison them. Hurt them.
Your eye frames. They don't seem to
have any lenses in them.
They're my dad's. The lenses hurt my eyes.
What was that you were saying
before with your soldiers? Day pro fun.
...De profundis clamo ad te domine.
It's called Latin. It's a language.
All your soldiers speak Latin?
No, just one.
Are you a good doctor?
I use to be.
I got an award once. From the Mayor.
It had an expensive frame.

From the movie 'The Sixth Sense'

The Sixth Sense

Various Artists - Progressive Goa Trance 3: Front