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Various Artists - Propagation

Various Artists - Propagation
LabelAddic-Sound Productions
Typecompilation, CD


01 Prodromoton - Psychestra
02 Audiobrains - Dreamz factorz (Remix)
03 Narcophone - Deja vu
04 Phonic Request - Valeska
05 Shagma - Stimpack
06 Audiobrains - Simple Answer
07 Narcophone - Mutants (Remix)
08 Human Reflect - Apsaras
09 Golong - Quench Your Thirst With Your Own Blood

Addic-Sound Productions is back with a second compilation: Propagation.

Originality and eclectism are the trademarks of this CD, as they were in the first release Innoculated.

The compilation starts with Prodromoton who delivers a very nice morning moment.Then we are proud to introduce Audiobrains, dj Ananda's psyproject.He offers us two remarkable tunes with a strong identity, results of a big experience gained playing all over the world for several years now. After releasing several tracks on big labels such as T.I.P, Parvati Records and Y.S.E and his album on Mahogany Records, Phonic Request brings us a brilliant and dynamic piece of modern trance.You will also find a new melodic story by Shagma who don't need to be introduced anymore after their performances in Brazil, Japan and Europe and their releases on Mind Control, Mahogany Records and Planet BEN Records.Human Reflect is back with an excellent hypnotic track in their unique style full of creative ideas.Check out also the new crazy masterpiece of Golong, ourspecialist of night-time music. At last, Narcophone gives us a foretaste of his album who will be released this year on Addic-Sound Productions with two new powerful tunes.The production level of every artist on this compilation went through a new step and the mastering was made again by Soleadmusic, one of the specialists of trance mastering.

Various Artists - Propagation: Front