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Various Artists - Psionic Entity

Various Artists - Psionic Entity
LabelDigital Psionics
Typecompilation, CD

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Abomination - Psionic Entity


01 Abomination - Human Nature
02 Ufo & Xatrik - Imaginations End
03 Manifold - F-Five
04 Concept - Aleda
05 Digital Talk - Harder
06 Slug - Rouge Star
07 Electrypnose - Make Or Quake
08 Kluster - Face The Music
09 Scatterbrain - Multiple Realities

Digital Psionics presents Psionic Entity.

Built from the silicon chip up comes ghostly sparks of life held together by forces of the supernatural. Hand picked compounds sourced from the four corners of the globe have come together to transform into this solid state entity. Conjurations have thus forth been inclusive of this creature, and contained within, are all known ten elementals known as Abomination, UFO, Xatrik, Manifold, Kluster, Scatterbrain, Digital Talk, Electrypnose, Slug, and Concept.

Formed in creation for the flight of the dance, This trance will lift you one step higher above the dust floor. So saddle up into something new and come with us down the corridors between the motherboard and the mystical, where the electronic psionic critter dwells. Our passion through the last decade has been spent studying the arcane digital audio sciences, which has now brought us together, at this moment, to discover that we have opened, a wormhole, with it a psionic entity has leaked out of its cage.

Catch the Psionic Entity in flight. Bursting from a speaker near you.

Various Artists - Psionic Entity: Front