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Various Artists - Psionic Temple

Various Artists - Psionic Temple
LabelDigital Psionics
Typecompilation, CD

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Abomination - Psionic Temple


01 Abomination - Lost
02 Concept - Syndrum
03 Shift - Project Neutrino
04 Dark Nebula - Soul Bruiser
05 Psywalker - Dreamweaver
06 Geko - Kill As Many As We Can Find
07 BON - Regulated Power
08 Electrypnose - Misunderstood Rage
09 Psyboriginal - Sexadelic
10 Fractal Glider - Only A Lifetime

Digital Psionics presents Psionic Temple.

Part two of the religious ride into the purity of this magnetic music. The next step to an enlightened experience. A silicon psionic orgy of synthetic sounds, Fuelled by lovers bass tones feelings unite.

Who are these Digital Shaman? Shift, Psywalker, Bon, Dark Nebula, Abomination, Fractal Glider, Concept, Electrypnose, Geko, and Psyboriginal.

They are the ride, just close your eyes. An expression of the blended on a mission for mankind. At the top of the temple is where we all can fly.
Gliding into new dimensions we collide.

Psionics Temple is an Experience.

Are you Experienced?

Various Artists - Psionic Temple: Front