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Various Artists - Psy Guitar

Various Artists - Psy Guitar
LabelEnigmatic Sound Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Miditec - Psy Guitar
02 Timezero - Electro
03 Chemical Trolls - La Carmbre
04 Genetic Noise - Fell The Energy
05 Domateck - After The Fall (System Check Guitarist)
06 Holymen - Keter
07 Electro Vision vs Digital Tribe - Guitar Collection
08 Analog Pussy - Psycho Panko (Indra Remix)
09 Genetic Noise - Every Day Is Another Day
10 Domateck feat. Jenny - Humanlizing

The best psychedelic guitar tracks compiled by Holymen.

This compilation brings a unique style in our psytrance Music, with heavy guitar riffs and a rock mentality.

Various Artists - Psy Guitar: Front