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Various Artists - Psy Harmonics 6 - Consume

Various Artists - Psy Harmonics 6 - Consume
Typecompilation, CD

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Various Artists - Consume: Psy-Harmonics Volume 6


01 Black Cab - Surrender (Paradox Remix)
02 Ad Astra - Atomica
03 Dachambo - Conga La Gotta (Key2-Nah4 Remix)
04 James Hogg - Meat Blaster (Ollie Olsen Remix)
05 Shaolin Wooden Men - Error V.1
06 Snog - The Last Days Of Rome (Sir Real Remix)
07 The Tenth Stage - Black (Lukas Greenberg Remix)
08 The Nam Shub Of Enki - Subliminal Massage
09 Black Lung - Concrete Octopus (Sir Reals Rancid Rebuild)
10 The Mutagen Server - Hyperonic Radiation
11 Antediluvian Rocking Horse - Cargo Saskatchowa
12 Ad Astra - Do You Like Me?

01 Rip Van Hippy & Rie Lambdoll - Real Me
02 Pompo's Paw - Fruity Circuit
03 Antediluvian Rocking Horse - Critical Twig
04 The Wooden Idols Remixes - C-Harmonics
05 Hesius Dome & Hideyo Blackmoon - Yes? or No?
06 Silver Apples - Chela
07 Boy Is Fiction - Stack Is Bad
08 Mimesis - Number 1
09 Zen Paradox - Out Of Bounds
10 - Uma-01
11 Ai Yamamoto - Glass Work
12 White Noise Carousel - No Sharp Corners
13 Data Corrupt - The Party Over The Hill

Celebrating Over 15 years, Australia's longest running independent electronic label, Psy-Harmonics, releases it's long awaited and highly anticipated sixth compilation 'Consume' featuring a vast severing of cross genre splitting electronica and beyond, spread out across two discs from a fine selection of artists who represent the sound and artistic vision of what Psy-Harmonics has to offer.

A complete smorgasbord of electronic sounds is represented by artists such as Shaolin Wooden Men, Mimesis , Ad Astra, Black Cab, Snog, Black Lung, Antediluvian Rocking Horse, Ai Yamamoto, White Noise Carousel, Pompo's Paw, Zen Paradox, Data Corrupt, Hesius Dome & Hideyo Blackmoon, The Mutagen Server (Ollie Olsen & Steve Law), Rip Van Hippy & Rie Lambdoll, Boy is Fiction, (Japan) and a new and a new track from pioneering 60's electronic act 'Silver Apples'.

Then there are the remixes; Japanese psychedelic jam band Dachambo is remixed into a frenzy of avant-polyrhythmic house beats courtesy of EYE (Boredoms) & Sinkichi, Ollie Olsen adds his electronic genius to the furious nu metal thrasher Meat Blaster' by James Hogg, Melbourne electro cabaret act 'The Tenth Stage' get the dancefloor treatment from German techno legend Lukas Greenberg (Plastic City), and UK electro break artist, SIR REAL remixes and reconstructs Black
Lung & Snog. Now available for your aural consumption We ARE what we eat.

And we eat A LOT.

Not just what we ingest deliberately for sustenance. Our bodies, our minds and our souls act like bottomless sponges. Forever absorbing. Forever being struck, penetrated and then assimilating. Air enters through our lungs, pores, even hair. Light waves crash into our skin. Radio waves cascade through our bones and rattle our dental fillings. Televisions and computer screens scald our retina while voices and music shake our ear drums. Whether awake or asleep we are always EATING. Sights, sounds, cajoling, confronting.

Discussions, arguments, reprimands and romancing. The tender shuffle of a locust's hind legs and the calamitous crack of a thunder cloud.

It all goes IN.
And...plenty comes OUT too.

Our bodies excrete waste products. And the sum of our inputs, outputs in all sorts of other ways - our actions, deeds, personalities and legacies. Out chit-chat, our howls to the heavens and the monuments we build to our mediocrity and our profundity. Our songs, our poems, our music. Here's some we found scattered amongst the debris of the early 21st century. Take it. CONSUME. And then moment by moment, breath by breath it will slowly evacuate you to rejoin the wellspring...

Ain't the universe a grand thing? featured Artists: The legendary SILVER APPLES (USA) contribute Chela, a new track of deep oscillating electronica....BLACK CAB -Surrender (Paradox Mix) is a shimmery psychedelic ride of krautrock influences remixed by Steve Law (Previously only available Digitally).......... AD ASTRA is the electro glam space rock solo project for long time Melbourne based artist John Stewart Justin, who has recently contributed guitar to Grace Jones new album Hurricane'...