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Various Artists - Psychedelic Circus

Various Artists - Psychedelic Circus
LabelYellow Sunshine Explosion Recordings
Typecompilation, CD


01 Rocky - Boo Girl
02 Vaishiyas - 2nd Fynn
03 Dualsnug - Mind Changer
04 Earsugar - Guardian
05 Midimal - Over and Out
06 Aero Creator - Mr.Good Cat
07 Audiomatrixx - Tittle Tattle
08 Day Din - Just Free
09 Lightsphere - Wavelines

01 Prahlad & In Ear - Yrr Funk
02 Twina - H Planet
03 Animalis - Dance Trancers
04 Raz - Can u feel it?
05 Dual Effect - Fools garden's bad history
06 ITP - Gato escaldado 2008
07 Meller - Klangbad (Slackjoint Remix)
08 Magoon - I feel love
09 Hyperion - Change here for alsterboat trips

Compiled by DJ Zosma, Arkadius and Li'l Momo

This double CD package of Germany's Mega outdoor event 'Psychedelic Circus' features 9 unreleased and exclusive Tracks plus the hottest sounds from the head liners of this Years Line Up.

The aural spectrum ranges from profound Progressive grooves on CD 1 to outstanding Full On orbits on CD 2. Jam packed with exclusive material by Prahlad, Magoon, Hyperion, Slackjoint and RAZ as well as top tunes from Day.Din, Dualsnug or Audiomatrixx, combined with outstanding Artwork make this power package an absolute Must for your summer experience 2008.

Various Artists - Psychedelic Circus: Front