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Various Artists - Psychedelic Navigator

Various Artists - Psychedelic Navigator
LabelFullmoon Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Noise Gust - Purple Invisibility
02 Sex Men - Sex Men
03 Arjuna - Manufactured
04 Dominator - Robotic Rave
05 Equibrium - Soul Catcher
06 Baal - Zenith
07 Mondo - Gesshoku
08 Highko vs Mondo - Psychedelic Navigator
09 Arjuna vs Mondo - Angel Apartment
10 Fullmoon Project - Pachinko

Fullmoon Records proudly presents this 5th compilation; the tracks are all made in India.

'Psychedelic navigator' is full of tracks that have rocked the dance floors in Goa! The psychedelic travel starts with 'purple invisibility' by Noise Gust who just toured thru Russia. Take eastern Slum and put it together with western Desperado and Japanese crazy SEX MEN are here! The goa-kids from Italy Arjuna have their debut with 'manufacture' from manufactory of Indian bat. 'Robotic rave' comes from a leading Russian psy-trance artist: Dominator Project.

'Equibrium' is a female artist who was a professional ballet dancer, this time she presents her track 'soulcatcher'. The 'zenith for live' comes from the top of Japanese dark-psytrance artists: Savage Scream together with Noise Gust is Baal. Keep hard-core traveling all over the world with Mondo's latest track 'gesshoku'! Highko vs Mondo have a long and good partnership and here they show their 'killa' track! Another partnership - Arjuna vs Mondo - was up at 'angel apartment' in Siolim, Goa. At last of the psychedelic travel we have 'pachinko' by Fullmoon Project which is an experimental band from Fullmoon crew!

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