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Various Artists - Psychedelic Syndrome

Various Artists - Psychedelic Syndrome
LabelPhreex Networx
Typecompilation, CD


01 Nolm - Zemontsu
02 Dejan - Echo Trip
03 Fierce - Acrid Beat
04 Traskel - Pickup Procedure
05 Zik - Yukaori
06 Papiyan - Suck My Nose Job
07 Psycho Wizard - Jirenma
08 Syntax Error - Rorre Xatnys
09 Kindzadza - Rearrange It
10 Amorphous - Nervo

Two and a half years from the release of Phenix, and a year and half from Japanhythm..the long awaited next compilation from Japan is finally here!

On the Japanese front, four new artists from the Savage Family - Fierce and Psycho Wizard (whose contributions to Japanhythm are hard to forget), and the completely new Amorphous and Nolm have all contributed excellent tracks. In addition, Dejan, Kindzadza, Syntax Error and Zik - top artists on the international circuit - as well as some fresh names from Scando forest, Parvati and Sanaton Records - Papiyan and Traskel - have all got something very interesting to tell you about!

Balanced between dark and light, young and old, Japanese and international, this new compilation is sure to impact the scene heavily.

We hope it will be an antithesis to the current scene's murky mixture between great and mediocre, and lead the way to a new standard.

Various Artists - Psychedelic Syndrome: Front