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Various Artists - Psychic Imprint

Various Artists - Psychic Imprint
LabelKetuh Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Gappeq - Rite machine
02 Lagun - Soul cube
03 Boogieman - Space Dementia
04 Spiral - Leptospiralosis
05 Whicked Hayo - Hayo
06 Silent Horror - Victim
07 Khopat - Droid Sequence
08 A.P.E. - Power Of The Quantom
09 Trold - Karma

After a long silence and a lot of backstage work Ketuh emerges exposing, once again only the finest underground artists.

Our mission is to deliver to you serious music for experienced dance floors- fresher than ever!

Carefully selected artists deliver nothing less than their best to date. Intelligent, highly psychedelic and off the beaten track music.

New comers Boogieman, A.p.e, Spiral, Whicked Hayo, Khopat, and Lagun will give you a new Psychic imprint.

Gappeq whose eagerly anticipated album is due this winter, Trold and Silent Horror definitely need no intro!

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