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Various Artists - Psycho Acoustics

Various Artists - Psycho Acoustics
LabelReckless Rhythm
Typecompilation, CD


01 CPU - Waveform
02 Shift - Ice Age
03 Toxic vs Abomination - Unfinished Business
04 Seroxat - Who's The Enemy?
05 Wizard Lizard - Pain Killer
06 Damage - Go Get Stupid
07 Combat - Mind Revolution
08 Sector D - Chain Reaction
09 Neuromotor - Free Mind In A Reckless World
10 Penta - Everybody Goes Crazy

Music - the ceaseless transmission of ultrasonic vibrations hurtling and lashing through the air, playing with your brain and twisting you forever. Psycho Acoustics - the unbeatable symphonic sustenance for any twisted mind. Inimitable and incomparable in its every aspect, Psycho Acoustics aims to transform you, with a unique feature about each track and a style that will propel you to unthinkable altitudes. With RECKLESS RHYTHM in each instance of its demeanor, Psycho Acoustics will transcend, bend, mend and metamorphose you forever.

It began in a world with no music, where things existed as mindless, floating Waveforms, decaying in the Ice Age of Art. The faceless mob lingered the corners hopelessly, as if they had some Unfinished Business - indifferent and insensate, not knowing who was friend, and who Enemy. But music penetrated through the depression like a long overdue Pain Killer, and then the people began to Get Stupid. In this Eclipse of times, music spread like a Chain Reaction, Freeing the minds of the people of this Reckless World. And now, Everybody Goes Crazy!

Experience it.

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