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Various Artists - Psychofluid 2

Various Artists - Psychofluid 2
LabelMorphonic Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Ibojima vs Cyrus The Virus - 20 Kilo
02 Ibojima vs Rumble Pack - Dual Technologies
03 Shagma - Spring Break
04 ITP - Thought
05 Life Extension - Lose Myself
06 Lamat - IM Factor
07 Huicholity - Violet Fluid
08 Rumble Pack - Consuming Life
09 Galactika - Open Range
10 Psypsiq Jicuri - Luz In The Dark

DJ TOLTEK is back with a new Fullon Morning compilation « Psychofluid 2 ».
Following the success of the first one, this compilation features a wide panel of morning sounds.
From Israel with ITP's dancefloor oriented track to the melodic trance of America with Lamat and Psypsiq Jicuri, range is wide!
Rumble Pack tracks confirm their position the European Fullon Trance scene. Shagma and Life Extension deliver some of the best tunes available on the Full-on French scene. On this compilation, Ibojima features two collaboration tracks with Cyrus the Virus and Rumble Pack, bringing the Northern Europe flavor to the morning hours of all parties worldwide. Concluding this melodic world tour, Galactika delivers his classical powerful sound. Toltek has also added his solo project, Huicholity, to complete this "busy tracklist" !
Psychofluid 2 is a new step forward for Morphonic records !
Some bonus (tracks, video, pictures...) are available on the Morphonic rec website with a special access code written inside the CD leaflet.

Various Artists - Psychofluid 2: Front