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Various Artists - Psydance

Various Artists - Psydance
LabelMoonsun Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Insomnia - First Stage
02 Shakri - Psy_Tripnix
03 Ovnimoon - Open The Third Eye
04 Injection - Alice In Wonderland - New Edit
05 Mixed Emotions - First Things First
06 DNA - New Age (Injection Remix) - New Edit
07 Zybex - Purple Waves
08 Fractal Sound - Alternative Force
09 MentaLab - Rising
10 Ovnimoon vs Wavelogix - You Don't Need A Drug

The idea is very common we all live the psytrance journey of music but the most important thing is to use our spirit and minds and to move our bodies in harmony,this name is what we see in our trance parties today, people dancing moving to the vibes and flow,this is verycommon these days to see people enjoying them selfs on the dance floor from good in our label we try to give our 100 percent to make every 1 smile and be 1 with the music.its a big step to dance and be free.

Various Artists - Psydance: Front