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Various Artists - Psylent Conspiracy 2

Various Artists - Psylent Conspiracy 2
LabelGhost Label Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Noisis - Insight
02 Anill - Punkstar
03 Open Source - The Tower
04 AcidFX - Terrence
05 Open Source - Kalima
06 NrG - Funky Planet
07 Open Source - Sending My Signal
08 AcidFX - A Living Organism
09 Open Source - Fearless 3000
10 Noisis vs Open Source - Netizens

Ghost Label Records is a record label based in Greece and consists of new talented artists around the country who came together for one reason and one reason only.. to work in order to produce quality audio outputs and upgrade the psychedelic culture of this area, which has been suspended for a long time now. Some members of this union organize parties around the country and produce audio involved with various electronic genres such as full-on, melodic trance, minimal, psytech etc. Althought Ghost Label records can be considered an international label, special care is provided to the promotion of Greek artists and their work.

The compilation is dedicated to psychedelic mind culture and it supports all kinds and styles of trance music. Psychedelic is not only a wave of sound or a genre of music, it's a whole lifestyle.

Warning! This CD may cause you general change in consciousness, possible psychological dependence or major brain loss.