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Various Artists - Psylight Moments

Various Artists - Psylight Moments
LabelNorthern Psylight Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Various Artists - Psylight Moments


01 Orgon Flow - Beatkracker
02 Random - System Overload
03 Dark Nebula & Xine - Serious Shit
04 EVP - Field Theory
05 Gaspard - Vendetta Kinda Mood
06 Full Face vs T.A.O.R - Earth Alert
07 Hyper Synapse - Little Game
08 Sidhartha - Shamanic Rhythm
09 Time Zero - Next Phase
10 Delysid feat. Brainhunters - Freaks Dungeon

Northern Psylight Records is here with their second release, "Psylight Moments". Dj Ketil m, and Dj Flips have now selected 10 unreleased tracks from international and famous artist, to some very promising new upcoming talents from all over the world. This release will bring you the colourful psychedelic light to the dance floors for everyone who likes to smile, dance, and pass over all the good vibes in a psychedelic joy. Each artist has brought their unique powerful style - combined with some melodic elements, and a lot of tweaking sounds to create a fantastic psychedelic trip with different atmospheric feelings for you to enjoy.

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