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Various Artists - Psymeditation 2

Various Artists - Psymeditation 2
LabelOrganic Chill Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Perpetual Loop - Psymeditation 2


01 Perpetual Loop - Morning Chant
02 Noodreem - Open The Doors To Your Heart
03 Organic Substance & Pale Moon Rising - Spiritual Dimension
04 Slackbaba - Drink More Tea (Herbal Mix)
05 Nagual Sound Experiment - Grainface
06 Perpetual Loop - Spirit
07 Unconscious Collective - A New Way Of Thinking
08 Lemon Tree - Spirit
09 Ganja Beats - Floating In Rainbow Bubbles (Ultra Chill Mix)

This compilation takes on a bit of a tribal feel and brings you into a world of deep meditative vibrations.

Featuring Chris Organic, under his new moniker Organic Substance, who has teamed up here with a technological innovator in chill-out music, Pale Moon Rising in a dubby masterpiece with twisting synths and percussions sending you in and out of a dreamstate. Next comes Noodream, once part of the legendary Dragonfly label, with 'Open the Doors to your Heart', a dub-laden melodic journey through your mind. Ganja Beats, formerly known as Alien Mutation and Shamanic Tribes on Acid, who's album 'Paradise and Tranquility is still highly requested and acclaimed, his ultra chill mix on this CD shows why!Lemon Tree delivers an ethno-alien tribal groove with beautiful flamenco guitar melodies by band mate Mark Kingsley. Perpetual Loop, Organic's latest catch, delivers a dreamy soundscape with a maiden album soon to hit shelves.

Last but not least up-and-coming artists from Liquid Records Slackbaba, who puts forth a remix of 'Drink More Tea' which will draw the listener through a labyrinth of pulsing rhythms and mind-altering sonic states and Nagual Sound Experiment, a musical geneticist fusing roots and electronic sounds delivers a dub packed psybreaks beauty.