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Various Artists - Psyshark Vibes 1

Various Artists - Psyshark Vibes 1
LabelPsyShark Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Psyshark - Psyshark Vibes Pt.1


01 Xenomorph - Dexterous Convolutions
02 Psyshark - Joining The Matrix
03 Psyshark - Dark Vs Full On
04 Psyshark - Blue Shark
05 Psyshark vs Para Halu - Dancing Forest
06 Psyshark vs Para Halu - Psyritual Hypothesis
07 Psyshark vs Para Halu - Hallucinations Of Death
08 Psyshark vs Silent Horror - Haunted
09 Psyshark vs Silent Horror - Horrendous
10 Psyshark vs Silent Horror - Stares

This is the new compilation of PsyShark Records! As it expected from PsyShark Records they gladly present you the second compilation with the artistic touch and work, bringing you the Psychedelic tunes for the dance floor. If you dare listening you would find a blasting story in each track taking you to a new level of reality giving you the power of joy and the fountain of youthful life! Each and every musical sound is promised to take you to a new magical world piercing throw your mind & body bringing you joyful pleasures & enjoyments...

Various Artists - Psyshark Vibes 1: Front