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Various Artists - Pure Imagination

Various Artists - Pure Imagination
LabelUtopia Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Audiotec - Passion Of Mind
02 Vibe Tribe vs Toxic Toy - American Pussy
03 Bizzare Contact - Love Simulation
04 Magnetic Force vs Sixsense - Space Port
05 Perplex vs Paranormal Attack - 2Much
06 Sirius Isness - Computer Voodoo
07 S.B.S - Out Of Earth
08 Beat Hackers - Insaine Genious
09 Ananda Shake - First Rain
10 Abstract - Echology Of Souls

Bizzare Contact - Love Simulation

'Yes, very luna.... Definitely smells funny, I wonder what it's made of? Cheese?... Fertilizer? I know, I'll do some scientific experiments. Yes. I'll transmit some messages and I'll collect some soil.'

Various Artists - Pure Imagination: Front