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Various Artists - Pure MDMA Selected Vibes 1

LabelMDMA Music
Typecompilation, CD

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Talamasca - Pure Mdma - Selected Vibes : Part 1


01 Front line assembly - Evil Playground (Tim Schuldt Remix)
02 S.U.N. Project - 380 Volt
03 Solaris - Out There
04 Talamasca - Alien Tribe
05 Dodgy Connection - Off Limits
06 Lunar Asylum - Vanishing Point
07 Electric Sun - Electric Sunrise
08 Power Source - Skywalker

Solaris - Out There

When you feel the cow, who will go with in a smooth rouch?

Women becoming faster of the mind and space.

Talamasca - Alien Tribe

'Just a minute ladies and gentlemen, I think something is happening.'

'Do you think they come from Mars?'

'The human being cannot breathe or survive for long.'

'I was hoping that you might be one of them.'

Second from 'The War Of The Worlds'

The War Of The Worlds

Power Source - Skywalker

'It's the music of the Earth, the music of the sun and the stars. The music of yourself'

'Teleport the whole planet here, through music'

From 'Space Is The Place' (movie version)

Space Is The Place