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Various Artists - Pyrogenetic

Various Artists - Pyrogenetic
LabelPsytropic Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Various Artists - Pyrogenetic


01 Psynina - Between Sphere
02 Thujon - Human Imagination
03 Sixsense - Dancing Alone
04 Ultravoice feat. Kyo-Log - Desert Fly
05 Chromatone - Xes
06 Intersys vs Rythmic Acid - Experiments
07 Elec3 - 40 Amps
08 Ananda Shake - The Movie Start
09 D-Tek - Restricted Area (Audio-X Remix)
10 Dark Nebula - Space Weed

Psynina - Between Sphere

"Irgendetwas passierte während dieser Operation, ich hatte ein seltsames Gefühl, so- anders, als ob es da draußen etwas viel Mächtigeres als uns gibt, etwas was mächtiger ist als alles andere... Hört sich das verrückt an?"
"Menschen müssen sterben"
"Aber nicht in meinem OP"
"Menschen sterben wenn ihre Körper versagen..."
"Es ist mein Job, ihre Körper am versagen zu hindern"
"Es war nicht Ihre Schuld"
"Aber ich wollte dass er lebt...!"
"Das tut er ja. Nur anders als Sie denken..."

"Warum weinen Menschen? Weil die gefühle und die Seele einfach überwältigt werden. Und dann weinen wir..."

"Gut, und was muss ich jetzt machen?"
"Schließen Sie die Augen..."



"something happened within this operation, i felt such a strange feeling, so- different. like there is something there outside, much mightier than we are, much more important than everything else... does that sounds crazy to you?"
"people HAVE to die..."
"but not in my operation-room."
"people dying when their bodies give up..."
"its my job to get their bodies working again..."
"it wasn't your fault"
"but i wanted him to LIVE..."
"..but he does. only in a different way..."

"...why we are crying? cos the emotions and soul simply get overwhelmed. and then we cry..."

"ok- what do i have to do now?"
"close your eyes..."

Thujon - Human Imagination

"When we take to be true on a subcounscious level, it becomes our reality "

"Create some Paradoxical Sensations to feel born all over again "

"You feel that when u laught or sing or dance or hug someone, when u having fun your bodychemistry changes, don't keep trying to go out there and searching for something it's fun, it's not out there it's inside your self "

Various Artists - Pyrogenetic: Front
Various Artists - Pyrogenetic: Back
Various Artists - Pyrogenetic: Inside
Various Artists - Pyrogenetic: Inside 2