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Various Artists - Rainbow Culture

Various Artists - Rainbow Culture
LabelWah Music
Typecompilation, CD


01 Electric Universe - Online Information
02 S.U.N. Project - At The Edge Of Time
03 Ololiuqui - Stay Tuned
04 Space Tribe - Ultrasonic Heartbeat
05 The Infinity Project - Telepathy
06 Shiva Chandra - Aqua
07 Star Sounds Orchestra - A.I.S.
08 Patchwork - Prefade

Electric Universe - Online Information

'Online information'

Space Tribe - Ultrasonic Heartbeat

'We are connected like brother and syster, we move trought space together.'

'All the children ... can be very high emotional beings and when the time is right, the world is about to see something really remarkable take place, comming from the children of the Earth.'

The Infinity Project - Telepathy

'Are you aware of life on another planet?'

'Then let me put it this way it is possible that life exists elsewhere, isn't it?'

'I believe beings are using that frequency.'

'Communicate telepathically.'

Last two from 'Star Trek - The Next Generations' (S04E17)

Star Trek - The Next Generation

Various Artists - Rainbow Culture: Front
Various Artists - Rainbow Culture: Back
Various Artists - Rainbow Culture: Inside
Various Artists - Rainbow Culture: Inside 2
Various Artists - Rainbow Culture: CD