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Various Artists - Raja Rams Anthology

Various Artists - Raja Rams Anthology
Typecompilation, CD

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Various Artists - Raja Ram's Anthology


01 Quintessence - Midnight Mode
02 Quintessence - Notting Hill Gate
03 Quintessence - Giants
04 Quintessence - Infinitum
05 Quintessence - Prisms
06 Quintessence - Jesus, Buddha, Moses
07 Quintessence - Dive Deep
08 Quintessence - Sri Ram Chant
09 Quintessence - Its All The Same
10 Quintessence - Wonders Of The Universe
11 Quintessence - Cosmic Surfer

01 The Infinity Project - The Law
02 The Infinity Project - Feeling Weird
03 The Infinity Project - Time & Space
04 The Infinity Project - Stimuli
05 The Infinity Project - Cybertropic
06 The Infinity Project - Uforica
07 The Infinity Project - Wow
08 The Infinity Project - Mindboggler
09 The Infinity Project - Telepathy
10 The Infinity Project - Binary Neuronaut
11 The Infinity Project - There Were Noises (Unreleased Hallucinogen Remix)
12 The Infinity Project - Mystical Experiences
13 The Infinity Project - Tribal Gathering

01 Shpongle - A New Way To Say Hooray
02 Shpongle - Dorset Perception
03 Shpongle - Star Shpongled Banner
04 Shpongle - Levitation Nation
05 Shpongle - My Head Feels Like A Frisbee
06 Shpongle - ...And The Day Turned To Night
07 Shpongle - Around The World In A Tea Daze
08 Shpongle - The Seventh Revelation
09 Shpongle - ...But Nothing Is Lost
10 Shpongle - Flute Fruit
11 Shpongle - The Stamen Of The Shamen
12 Shpongle - Divine Moments Of Truth
13 Shpongle - Invocation
14 Shpongle - Exhalation
15 Cyberbabas - Cyberbaba
16 1200 Mics - High Paradise
17 1200 Mics - God Of Rock
18 1200 Mics - Rock Into The Future

Raja Ram is renowned and loved world over for his sets, energy, charisma and showmanship. He is truly one of a kind. A pioneer and true spirit of the scene whose enthusiasm, passion and drive to push forward and make it better is amazing. He is an inspiration.

The album consists of 3 cd's of what Raja Ram sees as the key tracks of his career in music which spans 40 years!. His favourite moments.

CD1 is Quintessence and what a great collection it is. Really groovy stuff. Some amazing jazz flute by Raja Ram and great guitar solos and tunes. A really great collection of tracks from a legendary band in the London Psychedelic movement of late 60's early 70's.

CD2 is The Infinity Project. Raja Ram and Graham wood were one of the first acts to make Goa Trance or Psy Trance as it is now known. There first track was in 1989 and they had the first Tip party to celebrate it. Both the track and the flyer of the party are included in package. This is the definitive collection of T.I.P as selected by Raja Ram but mixed together.

CD3 the final cd is also mixed and is mainly Shpongle, Raja Ram's very successful partnership with Simon Posford who have really pushed the boundaries of what Psychedelic music can be. Then we have of course some key tracks from the other highly successful collaboration (Riktam, Bansi and Chicago) which is1200 Micrograms. One of the key global acts this decade for high power, peak time Psy music. A real headliner for all the big Psy parties around the world. And we have Cyberbabas first track which was the first time Raja Ram got together with Benji Vaughan and what an exciting collaboration of talent they possess. In fact the next chapter is a new act by these 2 called The Zap! And it is perhaps Tip Worlds most exciting album to date. Psychedelic but generally pretty genre defying stuff. Elements from everywhere but not constrained by any rules and routines, speeds, sounds or effects. Watch out! Raja Ram has only just begun!

The Infinity Project - Stimuli

'7am. As the day begins, the drug is inhaled to introduce the strange language of the initiation rites.'

'The neutrons do it to the electrons do it to the electrons.... Neutrons do it to the electrons... The electrons do it to the neutrons'

'From the gravitation of this world, into the world of the spirits.'

The Infinity Project - Cybertropic

'This looks like a psychotropic reaction!'

'No wonder it's so popular.'

From episode of 'Star Trek - The Next Generations' (S05E06)

Star Trek - The Next Generation

The Infinity Project - Wow

'Gotta hot date with a three stage rocket'

'Wow, I went out of my body completly, it was an incredible experience.'

Taken from movie 'Earth Vs. the Flying Saucers'

Earth vs. the Flying Saucers

The Infinity Project - Telepathy

'Are you aware of life on another planet?'

'Then let me put it this way it is possible that life exists elsewhere, isn't it?'

'I believe beings are using that frequency.'

'Communicate telepathically.'

Last two from 'Star Trek - The Next Generations' (S04E17)

Star Trek - The Next Generation

The Infinity Project - Binary Neuronaut

'Mind over matter, mind over energy.'

'Entering atmosphere.'

'And you see its colors much more brightly'

The Infinity Project - Mystical Experiences

'I had some kind of experiences. I had some kind of... I would say, mystical experiences. A kind of dream world I beheld. Quite a feeling of... oneness, with the world.'

'Hard to imagine nothing. Nothing, nothing. No me, no you, no world. Nothing.'


From 'The Beyond Within: The Rise and Fall of LSD' (BBC documentary, 1987)

Shpongle - A New Way to Say Hooray

So! You take let us assume a third toke; long and slow. You vaporise and you take it in and in and in... and there is a sound like the crumpling of a plastic bread wrapper or the crackling of a flame and a tone. A mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm and there is this.......

There is a cheer. The gnomes have learned a new way to say hooray.

The walls, such they be, are crawling with geometric hallucinations.

Very brightly coloured, very irridescent. Deep sheens and very highly reflective surfaces everything is machine-like and polished and throbbing with energy but that is not what immediately arrests my attention. What arrests my attention is the fact that this space is inhabited.

And so like jewelled self dribbling basketballs these things come running forward and what they are doing with this visible language that they create is they are making gifts! They are making gifts for you and they will say...

Shpongle - Dorset Perception

Canto mi amor
Tu es fixe, es muito bom.

Shpongle - Star Shpongled Banner

Well, y'know, it's like this experience that I had was like, y'know, erm, it was kind of the most profound experience I've had in me life, like.

I am a shaman, magician
The sun is purple
3D dimensions
I am for mental extensions.

You know the mind has a thousand eyes

Oohh, Que Terror

Shpongle - My Head Feels Like a Frisbee

My head feels like a frisbee; twice its normal size. Feels like a football and someone's moved the goal posts. Everything is slightly out of joint and weird; disconnected. I had to hold onto the walls.

And we noticed that women, especially the hippy ladies, started reacting differently. With your permission their nipples get hard; they start dancing in a whole other kind of way. Catching butterflies in the air. People get goosepimples. They laugh, they cry at the same time. They get horny and holy at the same time- you see them.

This one brought me down to my knees. I had to hold onto the wall. My knees shaking, quivering. My head feels like a frisbee.

Shpongle - Around the world in a tea daze

'And we can take this huge universe and put it inside a very tiny head: you fold it.'

'Hara hara maha deva shambhu.
Kashi Vishnu nara gangay.'

'Ex Maria pie jesu
Ex Maria virgine qui tolis
pie domine domine

Shpongle - The Seventh Revelation

'Each of the skulls has special powers which are used in magic rituals, in healing, in clairvoyance and other paranormal activities. The skulls can also be used as shamanic tools to unlock the past, the present and the future. All the present crystal technology had a high up base after the discovery of the Crystal Skulls and they have yet a lot of information for the futures sons of the Earth. Peace, love, wild-life conservation and high technology to link us with the Cosmos. Through the power of sound the information kept in the skulls can be decoded to reveal hidden knowledge and give access to the world of spirits.'

Shpongle - ...But Nothing Is Lost

Nothing lasts, nothing lasts, everything is changing into something else. Nothing is wrong, nothing is wrong, everything is on track.


You know, William Blake said... uh, nothing is lost. Nothing is lost and I... I really believe that, we only move on...

Spoken words from Terence McKenna

Shpongle - Divine Moments of Truth

DMT, DMT, doo dee doo DMT, LSD doo DMT, LSD doo DMT... Divine moments of truth, total and utter cosmic stuff...

Be here now... I love everybody

Various Artists - Raja Rams Anthology: Front