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Various Artists - Re-Birth 1

Various Artists - Re-Birth 1
LabelUSTA Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Digicult - The Way In
02 Sharigrama - Senorina
03 Narkotix - Over Act
04 Cosmic Station vs Ovnimoon - Quemical Generation
05 Psy Tekk - Abstraction
06 Mindware feat. Puzzle - Chromatic Scale
07 Whole In Hood - Be Honest To Yourself
08 Tor.Ma - Ying Vs Yang
09 E-Mantra - Liquid Frequency

The new compilation is actually the "Re-birth" of the veteran Israeli label - Underground Sound of Tel Aviv. Rebirth vol. 1 is the first part of a future series of compilations with a lot of high quality music from varied projects around the world.

The man who worked hard for make this release going out is Assaf Miara aka DJ Mid, which compiled nine unreleased tracks and putted them together on the right order to prepare a special-hallucinating trip for the listener. This compilation is a rare chance for the talented artists to present their fresh materials and let all world hear those pumping sounds, that's the reason for some unknown (and promising) names like : Rafael Hernandez aka or Emanuel Carpus aka E-Mantra. On the other hand, there are well-known projects like : Psytekk ,Digicult and Sharigrama.

The main style on this compilation is an upgrade full on with use of the developing of the technology for a better level of sound and tons of creativity.