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Various Artists - Reborn

Various Artists - Reborn
LabelSpectral Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Menog - Digital Feelings
02 Brethren - The Ankle
03 Fiuzz vs Brain Hunters - Take001
04 Psychotic Micro vs CPU - Maniac
05 Khopat - Nippon
06 Menog vs Painkiller - Go Into Trance
07 Audialize - Magic Midnight
08 Tryambaka - Spectral Tribe
09 Probe - System Outcome

Spectral records is releasing SPLCD004 in October 2007, compiled by Menog, so be prepared for this upcoming release featuring artists likeMenog, Psychotic Micro & CPU, Fiuzz & BrainHunters,Brethren, Menog & Painkiller, Khopat, Audialize, Tryambaka, Probe.

This Compilation will conquer their share in the high quality avenues of 21stCentury of electronic music production.Get Ready, cause "Reborn" will show you that Spectral is alive again...

Various Artists - Reborn: Front