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Various Artists - Redrum

Various Artists - Redrum
LabelHypnotica Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Various Artists - Redrum


01 Blisargon Demogorgon - Warning
02 Phobium - To The Pancake House
03 Kalilaskov As - Crying Girl
04 Wizack Twizack - Pull The Plug
05 Dejan & Shenz - Ajna
06 Skoll - Isabell
07 Vegetal - And The Legions Bow To A Faceless God
08 Hishiryo - The Devils Reject's
09 Total - Birth Work Death

Dark below the earth you can hear the devils playing the Redrum producing twisted hallucinating sounds.

With this compilation we welcome you down one step below to show you our world. With devilish artists from all underworld we gather them all to one altar, to pray our deamons.

This is the first compilation from the swedish family, Hypnotica Records, that consists of party organizators.

Together we bring you what we love the most in this twisted psychedelic underworld. We are one family, and this is our invitation to you.

Various Artists - Redrum: Front