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Various Artists - Relaxed Journeys

Various Artists - Relaxed Journeys
LabelChill Tribe Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Altitudes - Altitude II
02 Nada - Earthgarden (Jong Remix)
03 Adham Shaikh - Indu
04 Digitalis - Noodles
05 Jong - Unexplored Depths
06 Makyo - Nothing Is Real (Sensual Remix)
07 Solar Quest - Tokers Dream (Remix)
08 Eldar Life - Gone Gong
09 Circular - Ambulo
10 Saafi Brothers - Multiverse

Chill Tribe Records (Norway) is back with a second compilation full of well known producers of ambient/dub/chillout music. Compiled by PKS, the tracks are firmly handpicked from highly talented musicians from around the globe, giving us ten beautiful journeys of deep ambient, dubby beats, atmospheric vibes and tribal influences. It includes an eight page booklet with info and pictures of each artist....

Altitudes (Blue Planet Corporation & Jaïa) is now joined by Johannes Regnier (Silicon Sound!). Opening the compilation with a beautiful atmospheric track....Nada's (Abakus & Humph) Earthgarden track is a real classic, here given new life by French artist Jong, who is also doing remixing for Toires these days+ several tracks for various labels. Adham Shaikh is our master in relaxed tribal music, here with another masterpiece influenced by sanskrit mantra. Digitalis aka Seb Taylor aka Shakta aka Kaya Project aka Angel Tears etc needs no introduction. Here we get another beautiful track by this pioneer. Jong (Jonathan Garnier) is a fresh artist fron Paris, France who blew us away with his demo arriving the Chill Tribe Records office. His tracks will also be seen on Liquid Sound Design and Hoots Recordings etc. in the near future, aswell as remixes of Toires etc. He has mostly been producing music for TV series and TV commercials, but is finally showing his talent for the music listeners. Makyo running Dakini Records in Japan does it the relaxed, tribal way as always, here with a fantastic sensual mix of his Nothing Is Real track. Solar Quest from the UK is another pioneer we are very happy to welcome on this compilation. He was famous for his acid techno releases in the early 90's, and his ambient classics, which are still sought after albums today. EldarLife is also the man behind PhasePhour. EldarLife is his downbeat/ambient project, which we will also see on Chillcode Records later this year. An album is also on the way. Norwegian ambient pioneers Circular has released several albums during the 90's on labels that should be familiar for all Biosphere fans. They have also released a track on Interchill. Here they show us again how to do it the deep way... The compilation finishes with a new Saafi Brothers track (Gabriel Le Mar and Michael Kohlbecker), which should be the perfect relaxed finishing journey. Another group we are proud of joining us.

Relaxed quality electronic music from beginning to end. So if you want to make this story continue, support Chill Tribe Records by buying, and the label will survive and bring you more candy in the years to come...

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