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Various Artists - Resurrection

Various Artists - Resurrection
LabelOptimus Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Chakra feat. Liquid Metal - Resurrection
02 3.Turn - By Any Means Necessary
03 Liquid Metal feat. Chakra - Search for God
04 Screec - Tribal Emphasis
05 E.O.N. Project - Intra Neural Power
06 Reefer Decree - O.Tonin
07 Dandandado - El Cateto
08 Chakra - Deliverance

Chakra feat. Liquid Metal - Resurrection

'... (sounds like Klingon)'

'If you just wake up, I can tell you that there is only one story this morrning, confirmation from the White House, an undefined craft has landed ...'

'The secrets they call, liquid space.'

Dandandado - El Cateto

'They are hopless, everything you fucking burned, its all burned to the ground, everything!'

'Man, turn that shit off, put on the next track.'

Various Artists - Resurrection: Front
Various Artists - Resurrection: Back
Various Artists - Resurrection: Inside