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Various Artists - Revolve Magazine Summer 2006

Various Artists - Revolve Magazine Summer 2006
LabelRevolve Magazine
Typecompilation, CD


01 Psynina - Catatonic
02 Zion vs Contra - Wishes
03 Random - Personal Game
04 Earthling vs Chromatone & Random - Biiig Sticky
05 Error Corrective - Toymakers
06 Entropy - Bonos Nachos
07 X.S.I - Overzone
08 Fromem Ory - Crazy Gods
09 O.O.O.D. - The Humming
10 Safi Connection - Hope Matters

This is the sixth Revolve Magazine and third promo CD and people all over the world tell me that they really appreciate its quality. The depth of its articles and interviews gives it a difference to any other magazine out there. The new Summer Magazine will soon be hitting your shores and stores with another exciting promo CD allowing you to sell it as a low-price CD of cutting-edge tracks with a free 48-page A5 magazine. You couldn't really get any better bargain!

The free CD which will be enclosed within the magazine has 10 kicking and mainly unreleased or just-released tracks from various labels around the world reflecting all current popular styles of psychedelic trance and encompassing nighttime and daytime tracks. It is the only way for trance lovers to get most of these tracks before the album's release - the idea - to encourage them to buy the album. Remember these are all from albums soon to be released so top-quality tracks.

Psynina from Germany starts off the compilation with a progressive rumbler which gets more trancey as it goes on; then there's Zion from Israel who's been rising in profile for quite a while combining with Contra from the US for a real groovey track soon-to-be-released on French label Mandala Records. Random and Chromatone from San Francisco, USA who've had releases on a host of CDs provide two storming full psychedelic night-time tracks.

Chromatone's a mix of the talents of himself, Earthling and Random; the UK's Error Corrective takes you on a twisted rollercoaster ride through the depths of underground sound and passes on the baton to Israel's Entropy with a groovey bassline to fully explore the night-time. Then a peach of a tune from Cedric aka Talamasca's label Mind Control records new find XSI and from their new album.

Top-notch production, incredible builds, spirited rises to welcome in the rising of the sun. New UK artist Fro Memory with a floaty morning tune; O.O.O.D making music since 1994 come up with a strange tune which grows and grows on you exploring vibration. Safi Connection rounds off the compilation with a tune taken from his new album and dedicated to his new baby daughter full of beautiful vibes.

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