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Various Artists - Revolve Magazine Winter 2007

Various Artists - Revolve Magazine Winter 2007
LabelRevolve Magazine
Typecompilation, CD


01 Laughing Buddha & Pogo - Shamadness
02 E-jekt - Hitech lowlife
03 Hujaboy - Defractyl (Zion Remix)
04 Dejavoo - Diabolical
05 Hyper Frequencies - Twisted Latitude
06 Infernal Machine - Loin King (Bliss Remade)
07 Polaris - Time Travel (Zen Mechanics Remix)
08 Sinewave - Gravity Of Light
09 Barak - Twilight Cave
10 Aquatica - Side Off (Cosmic Tone Remix)

This is the ninth magazine and sixth promo CD and the CD has a really uplifting edge to it with some really big-name artists. Still with strong psychedelic undertones but with perhaps a more rounded sound. Still with plenty of variation to it to make it a more interesting listen than most CDs and again with some choice DJ-friendly numbers sure to rip any dance floor.

Some great tracks at a fraction of other CD's price (plus a magazine, please support your scene!) with 5 night, one crossover and 4 morning sound. The Laughing Buddha sets up a twisted psychedelic storming UK tag-team with Pogo also from Nano records, E-Jekt in the blue corner from Israel looks like he's got them all beaten with a pounding bassline, but there's the mighty Hujaboy with help from a Zion remix and some swirling sounds just to confuse them. Deja Voo show why they've been kicking things up in the UK and now at the international level with a stormer that could take on allcomers and France's Hyper Frequencies looking very svelte funks things up. Mexican wrestling supremo Bliss with his incredibly creative footwork remakes a forgotten classic from Simon Posford and Dick Trevor's Infernal Machine, before beautiful flowing morning moves from Polaris with rising Dutch star Zen Mechanics then meet up with Australian or the UK's morning alchemist Sinewave. Mexico's Barak adds a bit more psychedelic punch; ) to the end of the CD before Com.Pact's Aquatica rounds things up astrally with a Cosmic Tone uplifting choral polish and great production to this CD where they're all winners.

Various Artists - Revolve Magazine Winter 2007: Front
Various Artists - Revolve Magazine Winter 2007: Back
Various Artists - Revolve Magazine Winter 2007: Back 2
Various Artists - Revolve Magazine Winter 2007: Inside