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Various Artists - Rewired

Various Artists - Rewired
LabelJester Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Various Artists - Rewired (Compiled By DJ Clown)


01 DJ Preach - Oxygen Enhanced
02 Nuclear Ramjet - Down The Wall
03 3.Turn - Klush Kingdom
04 Kali Frogz - Dismembered
05 Triac - Versa
06 Tao vs Metalogic - Irrational Impulse (4x4 Remix)
07 Authentik - Les 3 Machines
08 Spirallianz - BP Talk
09 Tao - Pacific Intervention
10 Hidra - Fixed
11 Axiomata - New Normal (Remix)
12 Toltech - Codigo Rojo

Jester Records is from Montreal, Canada. CD compiled by Dj Clown. The sole purpose of the label is to bring a revival to techno trance music. Gathering some of the biggest names in the industry, Jester Records hopes to leave a good impression after their first release.

With artists such as Spirallianz, whom already has two full album releases on Spirit Zone, along with various 12' Ep's and singles and has played massive Live acts over the world, Authentik / Three Point Turn, whom has released already three full albums on Hadshot, with a 'remixes' single CD and a couple of more techno oriented tracks released on 12inch, Dj Preach who is a growing star in the techno club scene who has released tracks on some of the biggest labels in the scene such as Primate, Intec, Relic Records, MB Electronics, Ascend more and who was Montreals most successful Dj as of now. Nuclear Ramjet also has two full album releases with a third in the working.

This CD showcases some great talent, along with a few locals makes this CD a must for all who enjoy progressive, techno and techno trance music.

Various Artists - Rewired: Front