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Various Artists - Safi Connection

Various Artists - Safi Connection
LabelShiva Space Technology
Typecompilation, CD

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Safi Connection - D-Compilation


01 Neo Logic - Central System
02 Echotek - Sick Of It All
03 Central Nerve - Inside Out
04 Safi Connection - Doing Wrong
05 Echotek - Grip On Reality
06 Safi Connection - Universe Inside
07 Side Effect - Another Chord
08 Safi Connection - Dreams
09 Neo Logic vs Side Effect - Messia
10 Switch - Cub X

Echotek - Sick Of It All

"l enlarged the scanning perimeter to include an area that we had previously overlooked. The impact crater."

"This is very interesting to me because we see the same thing."

"We don't need to extract the eight spirit. lf we can't bring the final spirit here, we can go there and complete the wave inside the crater."

"However, it also means that the beam energy may be too strong... Injuring the Earth."

From the movie 'Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within'

Final Fantasy

Various Artists - Safi Connection: Front
Various Artists - Safi Connection: Back
Various Artists - Safi Connection: Inside