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Various Artists - Same Recipe

Various Artists - Same Recipe
LabelAcidance Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Skazi On acid - Same Recipe


01 Skazi On Acid - Alex's Tooth
02 Neuromotor - Afx Mechanik (Remix)
03 Nothing Special - Headless Horseman
04 Fungus Funk - Invert the Acidancefloor
05 Earthling vs Bounce & Drops - Pagan Poetry
06 Full Color - Sliders
07 D.S.L. - Big Bala Boom
08 Xenomorph vs Mac E - Burning Magicians
09 Parasense - Train
10 Psykovsky - Golden Green Shit

Psykovsky - Golden Green Shit

'Soo whats up?, ok, did ya smoke the joint of ganja? what is this green shit?! .... oh my god that motherfucking green shit i dont understand that smoking up... hey man do you have something good to smoke? (Garass) old bustard!...
Music which was writen when we had to smoke green shit, revolution break pollution listen now a super heat!'

'-Yo man, why did you stoped us kick?
-I want to go to a melody
-Ow good idea c'mon man lets do it'

Various Artists - Same Recipe: Front
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