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Various Artists - Scratch

Various Artists - Scratch
LabelDoof Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Illegal Machines - Scratch


01 Cactus - Dark Game
02 Zirkin - Scratch
03 Entropy - Duck And Cover
04 Rev - Head Like A Sieve
05 Illegal Machines - Bad Company
06 Dark Summer - Dark Leads The Leader (Electrypnose Remix)
07 Illegal Machines - Heckel and Jekel
08 I-Drop - Psycho Killer Technology
09 Double R.E.L - That makes me angry

The summer is almost gone leaving us with a taste for more Doof Rec. has cooked something for you to remember the full power moments of this passing summer and get you ready for a dark and mysterious winter.

Scratch was compiled by the well known Shahar Zirkin who has just released his 3rd album 'Dance Show 3' this summer. After coming back from the Boom where he was proud to present some of the finest Doof artists he gathered the Doof crew and created a mix of minds that will suck you into a journey that will surly leave a scratch.

Names like Entropy, Double REL, Cactus, Rev, Electrypnose and two new members of the crew Illegal machines and I-Drop create the Doof energy and give the listener a chance to be exposed to the Doof vibes.

Doof's last release for 2006 is in a way a closure of this year and a glance into Doof's psychedelic future.

Various Artists - Scratch: Front