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Various Artists - Set 10

Various Artists - Set 10
LabelIboga Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Various Artists - Set 10 - Progressive - Club


01 Riktam & Bansi - Bass Master Zorro
02 Ace Ventura - Judo Chop
03 Ace Ventura - The Spark (Ritmo Remix)
04 Lish & Michelle Adamson - Concrete Jungle
05 Phony Oprhants - Sweep Mama
06 Flowjob - Return Of Jessica Lee
07 Jean Borelli - My Devil Inside
08 Scs & Behind Blue Eyes - Portrait
09 Atmos - Twin Reaction

01 Ethan Reiter - Ups And Downs
02 Antix - Box Of Birds
03 Lenny Ibizarre - Out To Lunch
04 Christian Smith & John Selway - Move! (Dimitri, Riktam And Gabe Remix)
05 Decoy - Tom Thumb (Sun Control Species Remix)
06 Maelstrom - Bitch (Rpo Remix)
07 Riktam & Bansi - Bass Master Zorro (Jerome Isma Ae Remix)
08 Perfect Stranger - Stardust (Felguk Remix)

Compiled by DJ Emok and Lenny Ibizarre

It started when two devout psychotropic adventurers decided to collaborate for the sake of the mutual high in the studio.

Emok and Lenny Ibizarre began conjuring tunes in Ibiza this winter, culminating in several releases that ultimately lead to a double whammy compilation. This collection harvests some of the finer fruits that have only recently ripened across the spectrum of progressive styles of electronica. The recent collapse of genre division is perfectly encapsulated within this trendsetting cross-section of high tech dance music. With the finest selection of top producers around the globe, Iboga Records and Lenny Ibizarre gives you 2 unique CDs to make your summer rock all the way to the end.

Grab your helmet and light up the night.

Various Artists - Set 10: Front