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Various Artists - Sharp - Selected By Absolum

Various Artists - Sharp - Selected By Absolum
Label3D Vision Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Various Artists - Sharp Selected by Absolum


01 Absolum vs Menog - Basic Survival Instincts
02 Lost and Found - Resolution
03 Digital Talk - The Ultimate (Reconstructed By Absolum)
04 Painkiller vs Naked Tourist - Hypnotized
05 CPU vs Neko - Roller Toaster
06 Earworm - One Way Ticket
07 Outer Signal - Maniac Music (Edited By Absolum)
08 Ex-Gen vs Absolum - High In Chicago
09 Synergy - What's Wrong

Finally 3D Vision delivers its very special ultimate weapon, which has been developed and tested in our laboratories before being sent worldwide. Including 9 dancefloor killers, selected by Label Manager Christof Absolum, in his pure Hiteck styleThis comes Sharp on time after a blasting summerB ready, if you believed you had a little break dancingthis is over .From the Team are Absolum, CPU, Painkiller, Outer Signal and SynergyNew promising 3D soldiers : Lost & Found from South Africa, Menog from Portugal, Digital Talk from France, Earworm from USA and Ex-Gen from Barcelona.

Get Some Visions by Going 3D.

Various Artists - Sharp - Selected By Absolum: Front