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Various Artists - Shiva Vs Kali

Various Artists - Shiva Vs Kali
LabelSonic Tantra
Typecompilation, CD

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Various Artists - Shiva vs. Kali


01 Aghori Tantrik & Oil - Heckler's Tamasha
02 Liquid Noize - Funk U (Kiriyama Palinka Demix)
03 Aghori Tantrik - Necrophagy (Enichin Remix)
04 Enichkin - Saw (Aghori Tantrik Remix)
05 Distorted Goblin - Synthronisation (Silica Remix)
06 Noized - Return Of Hellbob (Devic Remix)
07 Devic - Dead Trap (Noized Remix)
08 Silica - New Horizons (Distorted Goblin Remix)
09 Jetlux - Tikpa (Csx Remix)
10 Csx - Chemical Activity (Jetlux Remix)

Welcome to the sounds of an intense psychedelic music battle. 10 interpretations of ferocious Dj battle between Shiva & Kali! Re-live the ancient sagas, when Lord Shiva stops Kali from destroying the universe! To make sure the trip is an authentic dancefloor bomb, each track has been remixed in the classic style! Groove in to the sounds of destruction and rebirth!

Sonic Tantra Records is a psychedelic trance label based in India. It is a group of global artists who believe in pushing the edges of the consciousness into magical dimensions using hyper active sonic crafts. The label was founded in 2006 by Sid aka aGh0Ri TanTriK, with the sole intention of pushing the techniques and styles of psytrance into new possibilities! Highly influenced by this company of artists, the objective was to achieve an artistic trance like state where the spirits are joined to become one! This ensures that an energetic change in reality takes place, just like the ancient "Tantra" related rituals and practices. Finally Sonic Tantra releases and artists are banging in the psyscene and creating some very groovy tunage!

Various Artists - Shiva Vs Kali: Front