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Various Artists - Signwaves

Various Artists - Signwaves
LabelHypergate Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Various Artists - Signwaves


01 Luxor - Adrop
02 Sidhartha - Hypergate
03 Tryon - ABS Power
04 Karma Crop - La Revolucion
05 Technodrome - Upper Cut
06 Khopat - Meltdown
07 Phonic Request - Melody Rib Steak
08 Vibraddict - Addict
09 Sidhartha vs Outer Signal - Sunrise
10 Hexagnum - Unified Theory

Featuring artists such as Sidhartha, Phonic Request, Outer Signal, Luxor, Tryon, Khopat, Vibraddict, Karma Crop, Techcnodrome, Hexagnum this compilation will blast psychedelic dancefloors worldwide.

Prepare yourself for your cosmic path. This compilation is a full psychedelic intergalatic fastlane, driving you into the human natural frequency of cosmic resonance. This release will tune you with Hypergate Records for a timeless journey through space and time...

Various Artists - Signwaves: Front