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Various Artists - Skydivers - Compiled by CPU

Various Artists - Skydivers - Compiled by CPU
LabelPlanet B.E.N. Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Various Artists - Skydivers - compiled by CPU


01 Mad Netic - Off Topic
02 Absolum vs GMS - The Therapy (Absolum Live Remix)
03 Bliss - Vicking Craft
04 Sirius Isness - Mercury Retrograde
05 CPU - Close Your Eyes
06 Mekkanikka - Hillbilly Boy
07 V-Storm - Acid In My Fridge
08 Painkiller - Sustain
09 Menog vs Space Tribe - Spiritual experience
10 Painkiller vs Bliss - Goblin Fever

We proudly present, the first compilation on Nutek records, the new label of CPU, based in Barcelona. Complied by Samy Cpu, 10 mind blowing tracks that will bring some Nu-tek into your ears... The compilation contains famous names as well as newcomers, you can find a great quality of production, and very interesting musical directions.

The first compilation by CPU, released last year on 3d vision, was greeted with great recognition on worldwide get ready for real skydiving into the future, with samy's new compilation - Skydivers