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Various Artists - Skylab

Various Artists - Skylab
LabelQuest4Goa Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 N.R.S vs Tenzing - Dep Tenzalin
02 Phonic Request - Inside
03 Boogieman & Cosmic Station - Imperial Cult
04 Binary - Quarter Life
05 SPL - Super Computer
06 PTX vs Black and White - Frieday
07 Psysex & Rocky - Japanese Awa (DNA remix)
08 X-Rated - Melo Lines
09 Chilled C'quence & Tajmahal - In Your Dream

SKYLAB is the first release of the Portuguese based label QUEST4GOA Records. It is presented as a various artists compilation that have been carefully selected by Quest trance'o'nauts with the intention to delight senses.

Following the musical heritage of almost 8 years of QUEST4GOA trance & ambient events in Lusitanian lands, the label was born to develop and search for sound lines beyond physical & conceptual frontiers having quality as a primary premise.

This compilation features known and newcomers from different spots on earth being linked to this "SKYLAB" by their special trance encoded messages.

Artists such as Psysex & Rocky, NRS vs Tenzing, Phonic Request and PTX vs Black & White tune this record into an enjoyable and danceable musical trip for all listeners, dancers and dj's.

Various Artists - Skylab: Front