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Various Artists - Snap Crackle Drop

Various Artists - Snap Crackle Drop
LabelMorning Monster Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Electrypnose - Raising Monsters
02 Neuron Compost - Safety of Inanimacy
03 Hired Goonz - Damn Raccoon
04 Sygmatix - Leadless Dance
05 Haltya - Spagu
06 Crazy Ducks - Ducks On Mars
07 Sattel Battle - On Weed
08 Reality Pixie - Tripples
09 Texas Faggott - Wedding March
10 Decibel - Warp Pipe
11 ITP - Lose Your Illusion part 2.5

Morning Monster Records are proud to present their debut release "v.a. Snap Crackle Drop", this is the first of many discs to come in a line of unique cds designed to put the listener into a new playground of musical styling that will break the known barriers of morning music holding everything from 134-149bpm and ranging from glitchy electropsy to full power morning funk and to the twisted corners of morning madness.

Internationally renowned artist Electrypnose adds a new style to his project dishing up a glitchy downbeat psychedelic electro track to get the cd started. Neuron Compost has come out with an almost progressive suomi track with all the twisted Australian funk we have come to expect from his project. Hired Goonz saved their best till last serving up some ultra funky Australian mayhem with the meaty basslines and twisted sounds they're known for. New onto the Australian scene but fresh from the Israeli underground is Sygmatix bringing with him a twisted circus like sound like no one else can. From the peak of the Finland scene Haltya brings a full armoda of intense psychedelics with the high standard of production and crazy funky antics unique to their project. Rising to the top of the scene from the depths of Israel are Crazy Ducks who bring an unprecedented videogame like style of fun loving full power funk. Sattel Battle delivers a funky playful masterpiece in a way no other can. Reality Pixie brings a beautiful melodic mayhem of deep flowing psychedelics that will leave you uplifted and feeling warm inside. Texas Faggott brings the hilarity of Finland's twisted suomi stylings aimed at taking the serious side out of having fun. Decibel emerging fresh from the Australian scene having now discovered how to store fun in an audio file using Mario bro's to remind the dance floor of the fun and games of childhood. ITP ends the cd with the smooth sounds of the modernized flamenco guitar needing no psychedelics, just pure melodic flow.