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Various Artists - Something To Fit

Various Artists - Something To Fit
LabelMateria Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Puzzle vs Mad Maxx - Save The World
02 Heroes - Seed The Future
03 Kali - Expanding Consciousness
04 Puzzle vs Mekkanikka - Personal Beach
05 Sirius Isness - Powerful Reality (Vibraddict Remix)
06 Tempo Shrine - Going To The Promised Land
07 Dizzy Mind - Check The Beat
08 Puzzle vs Ultramind - Galaxy Rider
09 Puzzle vs Cyrus The Virus & Jimbo - Bong Of Destiny
10 Speedball - It's A Dream

The Brazilian psy-trance producer Daniel Romano A.k.a Puzzle , comes to present his new compilation ''Something to fit ''.
Daniel is, with no doubt, one of the best Brazilian live acts to emerge nowadays and have been collaborating with many of the best artists around the world on the genre.

Now, He leave us no less then this fresh and powerful compilation full on blasting psychedelic sounds to blow the dance floors lovers. Including artists from Brazil, Spain, Israel and Mexico it will take you a journey of sounds you are not going to forget.

All this tracks among collaborations and solos were mixed, twisted and tested all over the world. Fit yourself this piece of the infinity boundaries of Puzzle's music.

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