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Various Artists - Soul Anatomy

Various Artists - Soul Anatomy
Typecompilation, CD


01 U-Recken vs Nitro - Eternity
02 Quantum - Bleep
03 NitroDrop - Esta La Parakara
04 Mahamudra - Her Sister (NitroDrop Remix)
05 U-Recken - The Islad
06 Mind Complex - Criminality
07 Quantize - Old School
08 Loud - Betone (V. 2005)
09 Flyby - Weirdo Beirdo

U-Recken & Nitro have been playing their sonic music throughout the Israeli forests and deserts in pursuit of the right ingredients for this chunky compilation. Their musical crop is the rare mushrooms and wild berries of Israeli trance, delivering the Dooflex sound of moonlight nights and misty dawns.
This is the 5th release of the Doof offspring label DOOFLEX. Once again, we deliver the fresh sound of summer right on time for the festival season. The hybrid musical style of dooflex has found settled in the hearts and minds of psychedelic and fullonists alike. Soul Anatomy gives another taste of this emerging style delivering a powerful and thrilling musical experience!

Beautiful music is good for you- ENJOY