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Various Artists - Soul Vibration #002

Various Artists - Soul Vibration #002
LabelLiquid Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Terrey Davey - Karin
02 System 7 - Kupuri (Mirror System Remix)
03 Slackbaba - Tsentak
04 Nagual Sound Experiment - Completely Sideways
05 Mood Deluxe - Mercury Rising
06 Organismic - On The Air (Original Remix)
07 Capsula - Golden Orb
08 Phutureprimitive - Innerverse
09 ZubZub - Inner Marine
10 Terrey Davey - Liquid Soul

Following hot on the heels of the UK label Liquid Record's smashing success of a downtempo compilation "Soul Vibration" is the much awaited sequel, "Soul Vibration 2". In keeping with Liquid's tradition of eclectic genre fusion, "SV2" contains a harmonious 10 tracks featuring some of the world's hottest new and proven acts in the downtempo sector. From Phutureprimitive to Nagual Sound Experiment to Slackbaba, This collection of Liquid's most stellar talent is sure to please the senses and slide you into that special spring groove. "Soul Vibration 2" doubtlessly lives up to the high standards of the label and its impressive lineup of musical talent. Each track showcases nicely the divergent sounds of each of these artists. From the indoor urban clubs to chillout spaces in the middle of the wilds, once again Liquid puts a little something for every environment into this tracklist, as any great compilation should be. People around the world are going to be hearing these tracks a lot too, and so should you... because if you don't, you're really missing out on something special this spring! Give this album a listen to see what all the buzz is about!

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